Science has revealed the amazing benefits of bone broth from digestive health to immune boosting capabilities and even healing joint pain. Caldero bone broth has certainly perfected the creation of this “liquid gold” in a way that draws out all of the nutrients into a convenient liquid that you can drink or use daily. As a wellness physician I personally use Calderos broth and recommend it to my patients and they continue to see amazing results in bettering their health & longevity.

Dr. Tom Nixon, Doctor of Chiropractic

I am so comforted to have personally visited your farm and seen the care that you take of your land and animals. Because I am in remission from Ovarian Cancer, I believe that your lamb and chicken was used by the Lord to provide a diet to save my life! Thank you for being part of the ground swell that is bring healthy food to our country!





Lisa Martinez, Cancer Killer

“We carry very few items that we don’t make ourselves here at Village Juice Co. But, we believe in the healing power and nutrient density of bone broth so much, and we want to offer it to our customers who are always looking for healthy, delicious options. We trust Caldero’s sourcing and production quality so much – and the TASTE! Gwen is just magic!” 

Elizabeth @ Village Juice Co.