The Bare Bones on Broth

by Naomi Gingerich for Townies

With the rising interest in organic food, people are discovering the benefits of bone broth, an ancient staple used by our great-grandmothers and fine chefs around the world, both for its rich taste and nourishing qualities such as helping with digestion, strengthening bones and revitalizing skin. Propelled by the hipster generation, bone broth has made its re-appearance on the food scene as people choose healthier lifestyles and realize the importance of unprocessed local foods. This popular kitchen staple has also appeared in Winston-Salem’s backyard where Gwen Roach cooks up 30-gallons of her delicious Caldero Bone Broth at a time, offering it for sale at local markets to a burgeoning clientele of discriminate buyers.


Get it While it’s Hot

by Naomi Gingerich for Winston Salem Journal

Bizarre as it sounds, the bone broth resurgence is for real. Learn why people are drinking it and where you can find it locally.


The bone-broth resurgence arrives

by Eric Ginsburg for Triad City Beat

Bone broth might be the symbol of hipsterdom in Brooklyn, but at Winstead Farm, it’s a sign of practicality.

Gwen Roach and her husband Graham implemented new eating habits when she started dealing with some health issues a few years ago. The process led them to farmers markets and away from processed foods, and when the couple moved to Winston-Salem from the Houston suburbs, they took another jump: They started a farm.